Kids Yoga

Charm Element Kids Yoga Meditation

Kids Yoga is a journey to self discovery and balance of body and mind by embracing a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Kids with parents’ love and strong bonding can be inspired and motivated to stay connected with their inner guidance. In fact, yoga is the best way to help the parents in unifying the kid’s mind, body, and energy. In kids yoga, they learn to increase their body awareness through breathing, asanas, yoga games, and meditation. Nevertheless, the main purpose of kids yoga is to prepare themselves for further spiritual growth in future adulthood, to gain wisdom and live in bliss; and not just merely to enhance their gross and fine motor skills or so. Kids yoga is not purely an exercise or fitness program, it is a pathway toward the truth of happiness. Kids yoga practices and games can bring the benefits of:

♥ Increase their body awareness and being mindfulness.
♥ Help to create a link between their physical being, emotions, thinking, social skills, and imagination.
♥ Improve creativity and willpower.
♥ Improve memory and Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

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