Mommy and Baby Yoga

Singapore Baby Yoga

Yoga is Natural for Babies
Bliss is Natural State of Babies

Yoga is natural for babies and has always existed without being noticed by many parents. In fact, it was believed that ancient yoga masters studied the movements of babies to create asanas (yoga poses). However, modern days gadgets such as seated activity centers, strollers, and baby walkers reduce the experience of natural movements in babies. Mommy and Baby yoga (newborn to 18 months old) helps to bring back the experience of the baby’s natural movements. The benefits of Mommy and Baby yoga include:

♥ Better and longer sleep
♥ Improve digestion and reduce colic
♥ Turn fussiness into happiness
♥ Increase neuromuscular development
♥ Boost the immune system
♥ Bonding with baby

Singapore Mommy and Baby Yoga

Babies develop in their own unique way and time. Thus mommy and baby yoga can be practiced according to developmental stages.